Club Cambria

We are very excited to have installed countertops for the Club Cambria Suite at Busch Stadium. This is a gorgeous suite for baseball fans to relax in and watch the big game from comfortably. Club Cambria looks and feels luxurious, from the countertops inside to the amazing overview of the ballpark.

Club Cambria consists of more than 700 sq. foot of stunning Cambria quartz countertops and a variety of edge profiles. If you look below towards the suite’s floor. You will see the Cardinal birds sitting on a bat as part of a custom Cardinals logo inlay. The intricate countertops give off a beautiful design that adds a little sparkle to the suite. Featured Cambria designs include Newport Gray, Daron, Whitney and Summerhill.

Additional Cambria features include beveled Cambria wall panels and floor to ceiling Cambria mitered columns framing the television. These innovative designs look beautiful when displayed under the lights of the stadium. From the pristine suite, fans can enjoy cool beverages, delicious food, an amazing view and lots of fun. Be sure to take in a game in style with Club Cambria.