Busch Stadium Bowtie Bar

Happy Opening Day!

Our team just finished renovating the Bowtie Bar at Busch Stadium. It was a daunting job, and required a lot of hard work and dedication from our whole team from start to project completion. This project challenged us and allowed us to think strategically. We put our helmets together, and thought outside the batter’s box. The Cardinals wanted a black finish that looked professional and matched the rest of the bar’s island. We went with Cambria Black™  as our featured design, which gave off a gorgeous black finish with small specks of white throughout the countertop. Cambria Black™ required precise hand polishing that gave off a lustrous finish to match the rest of the Bowtie Bar.

K&D strives to set themselves apart from the rest, and we have succeeded in many ways throughout this job. For instance, we are the first company to offer thermoforming in our area. Thermoforming helped to heat up the stone and create polished, rounded corners for the Bowtie Bar. We also exceeded expectations by designing a custom 9 cm Bullnose edge for the bar. This new edge required custom tooling and precision when cutting the slab. The Bullnose edge wrapped around the top and bottom of the countertop, which made the wraparound bar flow nicely around the island. The project was just under 800 square feet, with a 140 square foot countertop flowing all the way around the bar. K&D was able to work hard and finish the project within a two week span before Opening Day.

I was able to take a trip to Busch Stadium yesterday and capture some photos. The staff was very busy cleaning and preparing for Opening Day. There are many more photos that have been posted on our K&D Countertops Facebook page. Feel free to take a look! Our team did a fantastic job. Cardinal Nation now has beautiful new countertops that are sure to be a big hit for many years to come.

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